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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Venting and Questioning

So here is one of my questions.

Why aren't any after school activities actually after school?

I understand that most moms work and can't get kids to things earlier than 6pm.  But not all of us work! (well I do but only part-time and I am home by 11am)  Why can't some things start at 3:30 or 4pm?

If you look it up it says that elementary aged children should be getting 10-12 hours of sleep.  If scouting or dance or sports don't start until 6 or 6:30 how are they supposed to get the sleep they need?  Should school start later?  Oh but wait if we do that how do working parents get to work on time?

My next post will be some solutions to this I'm going to tick some people off!


  1. I have no children so this dilemma does not apply to me, but I have so many friends for whom this is a real issue - all working women in their 40's with young children and too many demands. I have no idea how all of you do it - I think you should be declared super heroes and issued capes! I'm sharing this link on my Facebook!

  2. We don't need capes...Just more time and Prozac!

  3. Because then they wouldnt have time to do the three hours of homework they get, after being in school all day!

  4. My children are all in their teens now and I work full-time but I always found it irritating that the younger ones stuff didn't start until later. It always frustrated me. But whenever something did start early, I felt bad I always had to bum rides for the kids because I wasn't out of work yet. I'm so thankful now in middle school and HS everything is right after school and they just stay then I pick them up when I'm done.

  5. Oh, and in case your interested, I touch on parenting sometimes too in my blog,

  6. Thanks Madge! popping over to your blog now!